1. Wilson - Full Blast Fuckery

    Wilson – Full Blast Fuckery

    Wilson - Full Blast Fuckery“Full Blast Fuckery” is the debut full-length album from Detroit five-piece Wilson. Showing absolutely no props to the musical heritage of their city, Wilson are a punk metal band whose roots sound embedded in New York rather than the Motor City, home of luminaries such as the MC5 and The Stooges.

    Things start off in a feisty, throat-shredding manner on ‘My Life My Grave’ but second cut ‘Better…

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  2. Fozzy - Do You Wanna Start A War

    Fozzy – Do You Wanna Start A War

    Fozzy - Do You Want To Start A WarCards on the table from the start, I absolutely love Chris Jericho. From his twenty plus years in the wrestling business, his fantastic ability on the mic and in ring on top of hosting one of the most engaging podcasts with Talk Is Jericho.

    As for his band Fozzy, well to be kind to them they do not proclaim to be anything they are not, they are the definition of “Wrestle Metal”. Straight up radio…

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  3. Vintersorg - Naturbål

    Vintersorg – Naturbål

    Vintersong - NaturbålSwedish folk black metal band Vintersorghas returned with the third chapter of four in their elemental series, “Naturbål,” released on Napalm Records. After one look at the fiery album cover, I can see why the title translates to “Nature’s Bonfire.” Previous releases in the series include 2012′s “Orkan” (Hurricane) and 2011′s “Jordpuls” (Earth’s Pulse). Overall, this is the band’s ninth full…

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  4. Secret Cutter - Secret Cutter

    Secret Cutter – Secret Cutter

    secret cutter - secret cutterSecret Cutter is a doom or sludge, or doomsludge trio from Bethlehem, PA. To be honest, I do not really care what kind of bucket or genre you want to attach to music or this band in particular, what I do know is that this is another self released title that came out of left field and hit me like an errant foul golf ball from three fairways over. Not since the UK band Bovine and Italian band Magis…

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  5. Jeff Lohrber Of Enabler Talks With ThisIsNotAScene

    Jeff Lohrber Of Enabler Talks With ThisIsNotAScene

    Enabler are back with their newest album, “La Fin Absolue Du Monde“, inspired by the works of John Carpenter. Horror and great riffs, I needed more. Jeff Lohrber agreed to an interview with ThisIsNotAScene to chat about all things Enabler.

    First off tell us little about your self

    I’m Jeff, I play guitar and sing for Enablerin addition to being the main songwriter and taking care of all of the day…

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  6. Pact Talks With ThisIsNotAScene

    Pact Talks With ThisIsNotAScene

    The american black metal band, Pact, released “The Infernal Hierarchies, Penetrating The Threshold Of Night” earlier this year. This release really jumped out and knocked me over and I really was interested in finding some more about the band. I wanted to interview them and ask some questions to learn a bit more about Pact. Here’s what they had to say…

    First off, can you give us a brief history of…

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  7. Sleep Stream New Song

    Sleep Stream New Song

    Legendary Doom/Stoner monoliths Sleep have release their first new material in over 10 years. The track ‘The Clarity’ is the first material released by the band since their album “Dopesmoker” was finally released in 2003.

    The track was released through Adult Swim’s Single Series which also includes music from the likes of Deafheaven

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  8. Bury Tomorrow - Runes

    Bury Tomorrow – Runes

    Bury Tomorrow - RunesAfter catching these guys in the Pepsi Max tent at Download 2013 during their “Union of Crowns” tour, I have to say that Bury Tomorrow have been a favourite of mine since.

    But, as we many new releases, I don’t immediately like new material. So, when they released their “Runes” teaser, ‘Man on Fire’ I, like many others, clicked play and watched/ listened with anticipation; it didn’t disappoint.…

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  9. Betraying the Martyrs - Phantom

    Betraying the Martyrs – Phantom

    Betraying the Martyrs - Phantom“Phantom” is the latest release from Betraying the Martyrs and the follow-up to their debut album “Breath in Life”. I have to say that it’s not often that an album stops me dead in my tracks, and then forces me (yes, forces me) to play it four times in a row…you bastards, I’d got shit to do!

    Anyway, “Phantom” opens up with ‘Jigsaw,’ a cacophony of brutal riffs, snarling yet superbly executed…

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  10. Novembers Doom - Bled White

    Novembers Doom – Bled White

    novembers doom - bled whiteNovembers Doom are one of the United States’ continuously running doom bands. They have been at this game since 1989 and the release of “Amid It’s Hallowed Mirth” shortly thereafter. The line-up has changed several times with only vocalist and founder, Paul Kuhr, remaining from the original lineup. Their latest lineup is made up of Kuhr, Larry Roberts (guitars), Vito Marchese (guitars), Mike…

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