1. Wovenwar Release New Track

    Wovenwar Release New Track

    Wovenwar have release the first song, ‘All Rise,’ from their upcoming self-titled debut album. The band, consisting of former members of As I Lay Dying and Oh Sleeper’s vocalist Shane Blay have released the first track from their new album.

    Wovenwar new album has been scheduled to be released on Metal Blade Recordsduring the summer…

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  2. Savage Messiah - The Fateful Dark

    Savage Messiah – The Fateful Dark

    Savage Messiah - The Fateful DarkWhilst not newcomers to the British scene, London based thrashers Savage Messiah have been making waves for themselves in recent months. Off the back of their recent tour as main support to groove legends Soulfly the four piece have released their second album called “The Fateful Dark,” which is the bands first album released through Earache Recordsand sees the band continue the bands signature…

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  3. DevilDriver return to these shores for another bout of circle pits and chaos in support of their most recent album ‘Winter Kills’, but first the small matter of the opening bands.

    It has only been a few months since I last saw Bleed From Within and they did well on a tour where they were a bit of an odd-one-out amongst the likes of Carcass, Hell and Amon Amarth. This tour was a much better fit style-wise and you could see that from the bigger crowd response from the start. The Glaswegians took on the crowd as if it were their own, warming them up for the headliners with a wall of death and each and every interaction with the crowd got a bigger and better response. This band is on the up at the moment and with shows like this it is not difficult to see why – they’re unafraid to take on anyone else’s crowd and on this form there could be a big year for them on the horizon.

    Bleed From Within setlist:
    Leech, Uprising, Last Of Our Kind, I Am Oblivion, III, Colony, It Lives In Me

    Sylosis were another band I had seen before, back in 2010 when they opened for Fear Factory. The hype surrounding the recent thrash revival has died down a little but Sylosis have managed to stay the course and improved with each album and tour. An eager audience and enthusiastic band mixed for a winning combination. With a decent act to follow, the band set out on a no-nonsense assault, with six tracks from their four albums, the increasing crowd bowing to demands for circle pits and you felt the evening was warming up perfectly for the main act.

    Sylosis setlist:
    Fear The World, Conclusion Of An Age, All Is Not Well, Teras, Altered States Of Consciousness, Empyreal

    By the time the headliners DevilDriver arrived everyone had moved forward ready for the chaos to start, and they weren’t left waiting for long. The band came on before their time and as soon as they started the pits opened up and the crowdsurfers appeared. The security obviously did their homework as they dealt with the influx of bodies really well, and that meant for a great atmosphere. The band has a high regard for their fans and frontman Dez Fafara made an effort to high five as many of the crowdsurfers as he could.

    DevilDriver sounded as tight as ever, with Dez prowling the stage, his vintage microphone all but covering his face, beckoning more and more fans forward and making bigger and bigger pits. A band that goes big on tunes for the live environment, crowd favourites from their entire career were littered throughout the set. The trio of ‘Clouds Over California’, ‘Ruthless’ and ‘Meet The Wretched’ brought the room to boiling point as fans were flying all over the place.

    These types of shows can be judged by the amount of walking wounded, and by the number of people shuffling past me limping or bleeding with a big smile on their face throughout the show told its own story. Job done!

    DevilDriver setlist:
    Head On The Heartache (Let Them Rot), Hold Back The Day, Not All Who Wander Are Lost, Before The Hangman’s Noose, Oath Of The Abyss, I Could Care Less, The Appetite, Sail, End Of The Line, Dead To Rights, Clouds Over California, Ruthless, Meet The Wretched

    DevilDriver – Official Website
    Sylosis – Official Website
    Bleed From Within – Facebook page

    DevilDriver, Sylosis & Bleed From Within @ Manchester Academy 2 – April 9, 2014 DevilDriver return to these shores for another bout of circle pits and chaos in support of their most recent album ‘

  4. Mastodon Stream New Track

    Mastodon Stream New Track

    Masters of Riffage Mastodon are streaming the first track to come from their upcoming album. ‘High Road’ is the first track to come from the bands upcoming sixth album “Once More Around The Sun”.

    Mastodon will return to the UK later this year at the Sonisphere festival joining the likes of Iron Maiden, Metallica, The Prodigy and Alice In Chains.

    Mastodon – Official Website

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  5. Fucked Up - Year of the Dragon

    Fucked Up – Year of the Dragon

    Fucked Up - Year Of The DragonThis EP is the sixth in the Ontario outfit’s occasional ongoing celebration of the Chinese zodiac. Made up of one new original song and two covers, this is the bands usual surprising blend of brilliant invention and brutality.

    The self-penned title track “Year of the Dragon” is a fitting match for this most ‘metal’ sounding of Chinese years, being an epic mix of agit-punk, towering riffs and a…

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  6. Whitechapel - Our Endless War

    Whitechapel – Our Endless War

    Whitechapel - Our Endless WarIf you Google deathcore bands, the first name that comes up is Whitechapel. There is a good reason why. Besides being named after the district in East London where Jack the Ripper did his dirty work, their three guitar attack, twisted lyrics, and the extraordinary vocals of Phil Bozeman make them a force to be reckoned with in metal. Whitechapelis set to release their fifth studio album, “Our…

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  7. Ahead of the release of the upcoming ‘Ruining Lives’ record, Prong hit the road for a 23 date European tour, which included a few dates in the UK. European act Klogr opened the show and proved a decent choice of support, the Italian band just being a straight up metal band, matching each abrasive riff with a fine clean vocal line courtesy of Gabriele Rustichelli. A more than decent band, unfortunate to have such a small turnout, although I think that may have partly been due to the early start (the show finished early due to a club night happening straight afterwards). With a new album coming, will be interested in seeing how their sound compares in the studio.

    The room had filled out by the time Prong turned up in a very lively mood, with Tommy Victor could barely hold back his smile as the trio played through a set filled with classics old and new. The newer material, including new single ‘Turnover’ fits in so well with the older tracks, you would barely tell that Prong had been away for so long before their 2007 comeback. Bassist Tony Campos looked like he was in a trance as he threw himself around the stage, seemingly in a very different place to the rest of the band. A band with a hell of a lot of experience and this showed as they used every single minute of stage time to show why they are held in such high regard.

    Prong are a band with a rich history, and more than enough classic tracks from their past to fill a much longer set than the 90 minutes on offer tonight. As a result, when they do raid their back catalogue, there is an embarrassment of riches on offer. ‘Beg To Differ’, ‘Cutrate’, ‘Another Wordly Device’ all brought back memories of the all nighters at Jilly’s Rockworld, (which used to be situated just a few minutes from tonight’s venue). By the time they roll out ‘Whose Fist Is This Anyway’ and ‘Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck’ the crowd and as a result the pits grew and grew. Tommy was intent on making it a special night for everyone in attendance, constantly looking around the crowd as if he was checking if people were enjoying themselves. He also appeared at the mercy stand just a few minutes after the show and didn’t leave until everyone who wanted a photo or cd signed left happy. Top guy, top band.

    Consistently good on record and a brilliant live act, am just gutted it took me around 20 years to finally see Prong live. Hopefully they will be back for more dates after the record has been released. If you are heading to Bloodstock in August, you could do a lot worse than watching their set.

    Klogr setlist:

    Room To Doubt – Draw Closer – Vultures feast – Bleeding – King Of Unknown – Failing Crowns – Zero Tolerance – Guilty & Proud – Hell Of Income

    Prong setlist:

    For Dear Life – Beg To Differ – Irrelevant Thoughts – Unconditional – Eternal Heat – Lost & Found – Ruining Lives – Third From The Sun – Cutrate – Rude Awakening – Turnover – Carved Into Stone – Broken Piece – Another Wordly Device – Whose Fist  – Snap Your Fingers Snap Your Neck – Power Of The Damager

    Klogr – Facebook Page

    Prong – Facebook Page

    Prong & Klogr @ Sound Control, Manchester – April 2, 2014 Ahead of the release of the upcoming ‘Ruining Lives’ record, Prong hit the road for a 23 date European tour, which included a few dates in the UK.

  8. At The Gates Post Pre-Production Video

    At The Gates Post Pre-Production Video

    Gothenburg Death Metal legends At The Gates have released a behind the scenes video of the band in the studio. The band are currently in pre-production for their new album “At War With Reality,” their first record in 19 years since 1995′s “Slaughter Of The Soul.”

    At The Gates will return to the UK to promote the album in December…

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  9. Kreator & Arch Enemy Team Up For European Tour

    Kreator & Arch Enemy Team Up For European Tour

    Kreator & Arch Enemy Team Up For UK TourThrash metal legends Kreator will team up with Melodic Death metal heavyweights Arch Enemy for a European tour. The tour starts 26th November in Lyon and runs til the 22nd December including a full set of UK tour dates.

    Iconic Kreator frontman Mille Petrozza commented:

    “A lot of our European fans voiced their discontent over the fact that the band hardly does European club tours – apart from our…

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  10. Graves At Sea - This Place Is Poison

    Graves At Sea – This Place Is Poison

    Graves At Sea - This Place Is PoisonGraves At Sea, a Portland based doom outfit, release their new EP, “This Place is Poison” to coincide with their appearance at Roadburn this year. Eolian Empire is taking the releasing duties for this event, pressing a limited number of 12” Vinyl discs to harken the reemergence of Graves At Sea. The time around Roadburnis essentially the “holy holiday” for lovers of doom and sludge, and given the…

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