1. Devin Townsend Announces Royal Album Hall show and Ziltoid 2 Details

    Devin Townsend Announces Royal Album Hall show and Ziltoid 2 Details

    Metals own mad scientist and everyones favourite galaxy conquering caffeine addict will make their return on 23rd October.

    Devin Townsend has announced the return of Ziltoid in the sequel to 2007’s “Ziltoid The Omniscent” entitled “Z2″.

    Devin also announced that Ziltoid The Musical will take place at the Royal Albert Hall on 13th April 2015. From the stage at Sonisphere Devin promised lots of…

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  2. hAND - Kintsugi

    hAND – Kintsugi

    hAND - KintsugiThere is much to admire about “Kintsugi”, the new album from Sussex four-piece hAND. It is unashamedly progressive and difficult, whilst possessing subtlety and an attempt at emotional depth sometimes missing from progressive rock. And there lies my regular problem with the genre – I like my music earthy, or if it is cerebral, then at least have enough melody take take me along with it. hANDdo at…

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  3. Spike - 100% Frankie Miller

    Spike – 100% Frankie Miller

    Spike - 100% Frankie MillerFrankie Miller is a Scottish singer songwriter who had a few chart hits in the 70’s and was at one point backed by pub rock legends Brinsley Schwarz. You can tell a lot, I think, about a musician by the stars who line-up to record tributes. Alongside The Quireboys Spike, for whom this is a long cherished project, are Ronnie Wood, Ian Hunter, Andy Fraser and Simon Kirke of Free, Luke Morley of Thu…

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  4. Yob - Clearing the Path to Ascend

    Yob – Clearing the Path to Ascend

    Yob - Clearing the Path to AscendFor this review, I wanted to find a band that was very popular with metalheads, but whose material I wasn’t personally familiar with. So when Eugene, Oregon doom masters Yob showed up on the promo list, I jumped at the chance to review their new album, “Clearing the Path to Ascend.” I first started the Yobjourney a couple of days ago by listening to their two previous albums, 2009’s “The Great…

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  5. Xerath - III

    Xerath – III

    Xerath - IIISoundtrack music sometimes can make or break a film or TV show. Think about how much more of an impact certain scenes in a movie or an episode of a television series have just by using the right music. There are countless scenes from my favorite movies and TV shows that were made that much more memorable because of the music used during the scene. Sometimes the movie or episode helps make the…

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  6. Opeth - Pale Communion

    Opeth – Pale Communion

    Opeth - Pale CommunionOpeth are unique with their vastly divisive fan-base, they do not seem to be influenced by this however; it’s clear that musical direction is governed by Opeth alone. Some fans want a more death metal sound whereas others embrace the softer approach. “Pale Communion”sets itself heavier and proggier than precursor “Heritage” but not as heavy as the likes of “Watershed”and “Blackwater Park”. The…

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  7. Slipknot Reveal New Album Details

    Slipknot Reveal New Album Details

    Iowa’s resident metal titans Slipknot have revealed the details for their long awaited fifth studio album. “.5: The Gray Chapter” will be released by the band on October 21st via Roadrunner Records. The album will contain 14 tracks with including the already released ‘The Negative Ones’ and the lead single ‘The Devil In I’.

    “.5: The…

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  8. Beggarz Fixx - Rouse the Rabble

    Beggarz Fixx – Rouse the Rabble

    Beggarz Fix - Rouse the RabbleWhen did this become a thing then? Yes, I know there’s always one group that emerges 25 years after a perceived ‘scene’ that tries to resurrect it but we already have Steel Panther and their Marmite take on the 1980’s Sunset Strip thing so why do we need Beggarz Fixx?

    We don’t, if truth be told. There’s a reason that the ’80s was great fun – it’s because it was the ’80s and we were going against…

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  9. Capture the Crown - Reign of Terror

    Capture the Crown – Reign of Terror

    Capture the Crown - Reign of TerrorThis will feel like an important moment for Sydney’s Capture the Crown who are on the comeback trail only two albums in to their career. Dropped by Sumerian Records after their debut album ”Til Death”, they released a crowd funded EP before being picked up by Artery Records who are releasing ”Reign of Terror”.

    Harsher and more precious metal fans will tell you that the bands debut was basically a…

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  10. John Garcia - John Garcia

    John Garcia – John Garcia

    John Garcia - John GarciaAs Stoner Rock icons go there aren’t many bigger than John Garcia. Through his work with Unida, Slo Burn and obviously the stoner pioneers that were Kyuss, Garcia has morphed the stoner genre into what it has become today. With his trademark wailing accompanied by Josh Homme’snow legendary guitar tone, the two laid the blue print for every band to come who borrowed from the pairs new infamous…

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