1. Theory of a Deadman - Savages

    Theory of a Deadman – Savages

    Theory of a Deadman - SavagesTheory of a Deadman fill the gap between popular rock, like Nickelback and Shinedown, and post-grunge, Alter Bridge and the latest Alice in Chains“Savages” opens with ‘Drown’ and it does progress like a classic modern grunge school, something you’d find on AiC‘s latest album. It’s catchy, melodic, slow and brooding but the album doesn’t capture the other side of the spectrum so well.

    There are…

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  2. Bong - Stoner Rock

    Bong – Stoner Rock

    Bong - Stoner RockBong are not the band your average metal fan will know of. But cycling down a list of band names they instantly make you think “… I’ve got to listen to these”. With an album called “Stoner Rock” it’s doubled the chances of a spontaneous listen. You will need time to sit down and truly absorb yourself in this album. The album only has two tracks, each smashing through 30 minutes. A truly open…

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  3. Ana Never - Live for the very first time

    Ana Never – Live for the very first time

    Ana Never - Live for the very first time The greatest compliment you can give a live recording such as “Live for the very first time (Live in Mini Club, Subotica, 2-26-2004)” by Ana Never, released on the exemplary Fluttery Records label, is to say, “I wish I was there”.

    We’ve all wanted to be “there” … as a keen Queen fan in my younger days, I dreamed of being at Wembley or Rio. More recently, with the rise of NYCTAPER, I have longed…

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  4. Winterfylleth Announce Album Details

    Winterfylleth Announce Album Details

    Winterfylleth - The Divination of AntiquityVisionaries of modern English black metal, Winterfylleth return with their new album “The Divination of Antiquity” on Candlelight Records.

    Comprising 9 new tracks of passionate, anthemic and epic black metal the band build on their established foundations and come out fighting with their strongest album to date.

    When asked about the new album, frontman Chris Naughton said:

    “The new album…

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  5. Skyward - Drift EP

    Skyward – Drift EP

    Skyward - Drift EPSkywardare a five piece alt rock band from Harrisonburg, VA and the “Drift” EP is their third release and shows a very confident band that have developed their sound and are ready to take things up a couple of levels. Using melody and soaring leads as a basis for the five tracks on here, they have created something very radio friendly and the type of music that could see them easily break into…

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  6. Stems - Polemics

    Stems – Polemics

    Stems - Polemics“Polemics” by Stems is another worthy release on Fluttery Records, a delightful combination of guitars & strings that is both entertaining and challenging in equal measure.

    Stems are from Huddersfield, England; and were formed in 2011 with … according to the Fluttery website …

    “The idea of seeking a new relationship between experimental guitar and classical instruments, to create music with the…

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  7. Super Fun Happy Slide - Drop Your Pants & Grind

    Super Fun Happy Slide – Drop Your Pants & Grind

    Super Fun Happy Slide - Drop Your Pants & GrindAustralian grindcore mob Super Fun Happy Slide started life as a solo project of drummer Brad, but now expanded into a quartet with the addition of Nik (vocals), Den (guitars) and Benny (bass), they have released their second full length album through Blastasfuk Records. From the title alone, you may already be aware that this band don’t exactly take things too seriously, but this album is a far…

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  8. Wilson - Full Blast Fuckery

    Wilson – Full Blast Fuckery

    Wilson - Full Blast Fuckery“Full Blast Fuckery” is the debut full-length album from Detroit five-piece Wilson. Showing absolutely no props to the musical heritage of their city, Wilson are a punk metal band whose roots sound embedded in New York rather than the Motor City, home of luminaries such as the MC5 and The Stooges.

    Things start off in a feisty, throat-shredding manner on ‘My Life My Grave’ but second cut ‘Better…

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  9. Fozzy - Do You Wanna Start A War

    Fozzy – Do You Wanna Start A War

    Fozzy - Do You Want To Start A WarCards on the table from the start, I absolutely love Chris Jericho. From his twenty plus years in the wrestling business, his fantastic ability on the mic and in ring on top of hosting one of the most engaging podcasts with Talk Is Jericho.

    As for his band Fozzy, well to be kind to them they do not proclaim to be anything they are not, they are the definition of “Wrestle Metal”. Straight up radio…

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  10. Vintersorg - Naturbål

    Vintersorg – Naturbål

    Vintersong - NaturbålSwedish folk black metal band Vintersorghas returned with the third chapter of four in their elemental series, “Naturbål,” released on Napalm Records. After one look at the fiery album cover, I can see why the title translates to “Nature’s Bonfire.” Previous releases in the series include 2012′s “Orkan” (Hurricane) and 2011′s “Jordpuls” (Earth’s Pulse). Overall, this is the band’s ninth full…

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