1. Gojira @ Sonisphere Festival

    Gojira @ Sonisphere Festival

    As a university student, and like most of my kind, I am not one for this strange time zone that most people experience call morning. Anything before three in the afternoon is considered a “no go zone” and motoring skills do not tend to appear to be functioning until at least 12.30 on a good day.

    So as someone who is barely classed as living until at least the early afternoon, it baffles me how a…

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  2. The Lounge Kittens - Live @ Sonisphere 2014

    The Lounge Kittens – Live @ Sonisphere 2014

    The Internet is a truly wonderful thing. Many men have spent an evening alone… typing… clicking… playing… but I don’t personally play World of Warcraft. Another thing the internet is good for is uploading a music video you’ve made to an influential rock star who then gets you added to a major UK festival line up, who in turn build up even more of a buzz for your band and before you know it,…

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  3. Alice In Chains @ Sonisphere Festival 2014

    Alice In Chains @ Sonisphere Festival 2014

    As the late afternoon sun fades behind the Apollo stage, it’s time for the arrival of the legendary pioneers of grunge. For a band who have been around for as long, and become as influential, Alice In Chainshaving to pick an hour long festival set is almost a lose lose situation. For every ‘Man In The Box’ you play you will not have space for the likes of ‘Sludge Factory’ or a ‘Bleed The Freak’.…

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  4. Ghost B.C. @ Sonisphere Festival 2014

    Ghost B.C. @ Sonisphere Festival 2014

    Championed by everyone from James Hetfield to Phil Anselmo via one time secret guest drummer Dave Grohl, the band known officially as Ghost B.C., but to everyone are simply called Ghost, are one of those rock rarities of a band who have both a cool image and cool songs.

    As the Nameless Ghoulstake to the stage with their instruments, the excitement in the main stage crowd begins to build even…

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  5. Black Moth - Condemned To Hope

    Black Moth – Condemned To Hope

    Black Moth - Condemned To HopeOften labelled a doom metal band, as they occasionally sound like Black Sabbath (who doesn’t?!) Leeds’ Black Mothare actually a trickier proposition to nail down. On tracks like ‘Tumbleweave’ and ‘Looner’ they are too flip, too urbane and too metropolitan to be traditional doom metal – a genre often played by portly, bearded men who give the impression of having just emerged from a medieval…

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  6. Carcass @ Sonisphere Festival 2014

    Carcass @ Sonisphere Festival 2014

    Sonisphere Festival has always prided itself on having an eclectic bill and this years return installment was no different, the Saturday in particular had a rather jaw dropping array of talent, with everyone from BabyMetal right down to Chas & Dave sharing billing. There was one band that stood out for me on the bill though, the legendary Carcass, a band all at TINAS Towers adore and a band that…

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  7. Bastard Sapling - Instinct is Forever

    Bastard Sapling – Instinct is Forever

    Bastard Sapling - Instinct is ForeverFeaturing several current and former members of apocalyptic sludge nasties Inter Arma, Richmond, Virginia black metal quartet Bastard Sapling has had a fight on their hands since day one to prove that they aren’t just another side project. Bastard Sapling‘s2012 debut album “Dragged From Our Restless Trance” emphatically stated that this wasn’t the case, winning plaudits from many underground…

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  8. Mortals - Cursed To See The Future

    Mortals – Cursed To See The Future

    Mortals - Cursed To See The FutureBrooklyn’s Mortals are a three-piece metal band who have just released their debut album through Relapse Records, and judging by the reactions to it so far, this could be a band who could have quite an impact. Caryn Havlik (drums) and Lesley Wolf (bass, vocals) first met nearly ten years ago whilst they were both members of all female Slayer covers band Slaywhore, but after meeting Elizabeth Cline

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  9. Machine Head Announce New Album Details & UK Tour Dates

    Machine Head Announce New Album Details & UK Tour Dates

    Machine head Blood and Diamonds coverMetal titans Machine Head have announced details of their eighth studio album and an eleven date UK tour.

    The album, entitled “Bloodstone and Diamonds,” will be released towards the end of 2014 via Nuclear Blast Records and is the first album since the band split from Roadrunner Records and bassist Adam Duce.

    On his blog, vocalist and guitarist, Robb Flynn said:

    “In many cultures the bloodstone…

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  10. Wovenwar - Wovenwar

    Wovenwar – Wovenwar

    wovenwar - wovenwarForget As I Lay Dying. Forget the band, the music, and what they supposedly stood for. Forget Tim Lambesis. Forget his voice. Forget about all the crazy things he did and said. Forget it, forget all of it. I recommend we proceed that way from here. No preconceived notions, no harkening back to years and albums past, no expectations. I am guessing this what guitarists Nick Hipa and Phil Sgrosso,…

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